1971                MD, University Medical School of Debrecen, Hungary 

 1971-1976       FRCP (H, EU conform) - Board certified in Neurology, University Medical School of Debrecen, Hungary

1976-1982       FRCP (H, EU conform) Board certified in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, National Institute of Neurology and Psychiatry, Budapest, Hungary

1982-2005      PD (Dr. habil. or DSc) and MER, Neuropathology, University Institute of                           Pathology, CHUV, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

2005                PhD, University Medical School of Debrecen, (DOTE), Director of thesis PL McGeer, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

2010                FRCP (FMH, EU conform) Board certified in Neuropathology, Fédération des                                Médecins suisses, Switzerland           



1967-1971      Resident, Neurobiology research, Institute of Physiology, DOTE, Debrecen,                                   Hungary

1971-1976       Resident, Instructor, neurologist, Institute of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery, DOTE, Debrecen, Hungary

1977-1982      Instructor, Staff member, Psychiatry, National Institute of Neurology and                           Psychiatry, OIEI, Budapest, Hungary

1982-2005       Neuropathology, Médecin associé, Staff member, University Medical School of Lausanne, Switzerland                           

1995-               Head of “Neurodegeneration” research group. University Institute of Pathology

1995                           PD (Dr. habil. or DSc), MER (assistant professor) CHUV, UNIL, Lausanne, Switzerland 

2001-2004      Molecular biology, Center for NeuroVirology, Temple University, Philadelphia,                             PA, USA

2004 – 2006    Neurological research, Kinsmen Laboratory of Neurological Research, The                        British Columbia University, Vancouver, BC, Canada     

2010                Director of International Alzheimer Research Center of Prevention Alzheimer International Foundation, Switzerland


AWARDS AND HONORS                   

1971                MD degree (cum laude) University Medical School of Debrecen, Hungary: Second national and first university prize of distinction for doctoral thesis.

1975                Specialty board Exam and Certificate in Neurology with distinction 5/5

1976                Best young researcher award, Institute of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery, DOTE, University of Debrecen, Hungary

1980                Specialty board Exam and Certificate in Psychiatry, FRCP with distinction 5/5

1995                PD (DSc or Dr habil.) and MER – (equivalent assistant professor), University Institute of Pathology, Lausanne, Switzerland 

2005                PhD degree, (summa cum laude), University Medical School of Debrecen, Hungary


Member of various scientific organizations and associations related to neuroscience.
Member of Director Physicians of Swiss Hospitals
2005- 2012 On the Board of Directors and from 2009-2012 scientific advisor of the Canadian Lyme Association, 2007- On the Scientific Advisory Board of German Borreliosis Society (Borreliose-Gesellschaft, Germany), On the Board of scientific advisory panel of Lyme Research Alliance in partnership with Columbia University Medical Center in New York City.



Number of publications (articles, book chapters and published abstracts: 238)

Published articles and book chapters: 111 (104 per reviewed)

Mean impact factor: 5.02


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